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miércoles, 10 de febrero de 2010

Víctima del Amor

Tess Palmer, una respetada psicóloga, conoce a Paul en una fiesta y comienzan una intensa relación. Paralelamente, el caso de Carla Simmons, una paciente que intenta superar una enfermiza relación de pareja, le preocupa más y más. Poco a poco Tess se dará cuenta que su vida no dista tanto de la de su paciente.

It gradually dawns on therapist Tess Parker (JoBeth Williams) that the shocking claims her patient Carla (Virginia Madsen) makes about a former lover dovetail to a startling degree with facts she learns about Paul Tomlinson (Pierce Brosnan), the smooth English professor she's currently wacky over. Is Paul merely a feckless womanizer, or are there darker secrets lurking about his former wife's demise? You won't care if you're a Pierce Brosnan fan (and if you aren't, you still won't find out), because this made-for-TV erotic thriller is basically a vehicle for his talents. There is a solid performance by Brosnan, who cleverly uses deficiencies in the dialogue to suggest his character's duplicity. The lovely and nervous Virginia Madsen is always in search of an emotional memory not hinted at in the script. JoBeth Williams looks like she'd rather be saying, "Don't go into the light!" Jagged Edge meets Spellbound, then gets bored and has 9½ Weeks over for the weekend; they get drunk late at night and try to pretend they're variously North by Northwest and Suspicion. Plunders the most unmistakable of Hitchcock set pieces to string together numerous erotic interludes, surprisingly to no ill effect.

Director: Jerry London. Intérpretes: Pierce Brosnan, JoBeth Williams, Virginia Madsen, Georgia Brown, Murphy Cross, Ruben Pla, Yuri Ogawa, Gary Bolen, Terry Kohl. Título original: Victim of love.País: Estados Unidos. Año: 1991. Género: Drama, Thriller.

DVD Profiler 16

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