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domingo, 20 de enero de 2013

El fantasma de Nueva Orleans

Emily Parker (Anne Heche) acaba de trasladarse a Nueva Orleans y conoce a Billy (Jonathan LaPaglia), un hombre que le pide una cita. La relación transcurre de forma inmejorable y pronto se comprometen, pero entonces Emily comienza a sufrir extrañas visiones, justo desde que Billy le regala el anillo de compromiso. La imagen de una joven herida irá arrojando las pistas que Emily necesita para descubrir quién es y por qué se le aparece.

In New Orleans, the lawyer Emily Parker meets the handsome Billy Hytner by chance; they date and fall immediately in love for each other. One month later, Billy proposes her and gives an engagement ring he bought in an antiquary shop. From this moment on, Emily has visions of a weird woman and she decides to investigate about the previous owner of the antique ring. She discovers that the woman that is haunting her is Marie Salinger, who disappeared in 1969, and the police had found only her severed finger with the ring. Her fiancé Paul Hamlin was accused of the murder but considered not-guilty by the jury. Meanwhile, Emily meets Billy's parents and is not accepted by her future mother-in-law Beth Hytner. Emily continues to investigate the murder, disclosing the truth about Marie's death.

Director: Stephen T. Kay
Intérpretes: Anne Heche, Eva Longoria, Kathleen Quinlan, Chris Sarandon, Jonathan LaPaglia, David Andrews, Kate Jennings Grant
Guión: Mark Kruger
Música: Tyler Bates
Fotografía: Michael Grady
Título Original: The Dead Will Tell (TV)
Año: 2004
Duración: 90 min.
País: E.E.U.U.
Género: Thriller, Intriga, Drama, Sobrenatural

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